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“I am currently a dentist in private practice. Dr. Elias performed my orthodontic treatment while I was a student in dental school. Dr. Elias is personable and is very skilled in the practice of orthodontics. She is always willing to go above and beyond to make sure her patients have the perfect result. I have at least one patient every week comment on how nice my smile is and ask how they can get their teeth just like mine. Unfortunately for them, Dr. Elias and I practice in two separate states; otherwise, I would refer them to her without hesitation. Take it from a person who looks at teeth all day: I’m so pleased that I trusted Dr. Elias to perfect my smile.”
Dr. Leonard Brown
General Dentist

“Loved my treatment with Dr. Elias! Was willing to work with me every time I came in, and really went the extra mile to guarantee my best smile. I recommend her every time!”
Dr. Robin Sutton
General Dentist

“Dr. Elias did my orthodontic treatment, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience or the result! She listened very carefully to things about my smile that I wanted to change, and she made sure those things were perfect. As an adult in braces, I really appreciated that Dr. Elias was as motivated as I was to limit the time I had to wear the braces. It was absolutely worth it, and I am thrilled with my new smile!”
Dr. Lela Farmer
Pediatric Dentist

“Dr. Elias just finished my orthodontic treatment, and she did an amazing job! Despite my limited time, she was absolutely fabulous and the results were wonderful. I am very satisfied with how they turned out. If you are looking for someone to do any orthodontic work, look no further than Dr. Elias.”
Dr. Michael Pysnak
Pediatric Dentist

“I started my braces with Dr. Elias and recently got them taken off. I couldn’t be happier. She was so patient and attentive, and would listen to my needs and requests. Dr. Elias is amazing! She would always strive for perfection to make sure I would have a perfect smile that I am happy with.”
Dr. Lainy May
Pediatric Dentist

“I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Elias. She is the doctor you want your child to be seen by. Her work ethic is second to none. She listens to and understands your concerns as a parent. Her work is exceptional and your child will always feel at ease. She takes pride in her work and will leave you and your child feeling accomplished. As a parent and pediatric dentist, I highly recommend her!”
Dr. Claudia Harriehausen
Pediatric Dentist

“Dr. Elias is an amazing orthodontist! She was very personable and had great attention to detail. I love my new smile!”
Dr. Trent Johnson

“Dr. Elias is a great orthodontist. I worked with her as a dental assistant and as an Invisalign® patient, too. She is funny and very easygoing, and her personality is very sweet. I highly recommend her as an orthodontist. She was very patient with me and completely answered all my questions. She offered me many ways do my treatments in order to meet my treatment goals, and she was happy to give me her personal opinion about the best treatment option for me, which made me more confident to choose, and I am very happy with my choice. My treatment is not over yet, but I am very satisfied with the current progress. Thank you so much!”
Dr. Rene Albishara
Foreign Trained Dentist/Current Dental Student

“Dr. Elias is one of the BEST orthodontists I’ve ever worked with or had work on me. I had a Class III bite initially, and after 16 months of treatment with her, I was complete. And I couldn’t be happier. Not only are my teeth straight, but my bite feels amazing. She was a wonderful doctor to have work with you; not only was she very knowledgeable but a pleasure to be around. Amazing orthodontist!”
Bradly Bonikowski
Dental Assistant

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