Our Philosophy

At Elias Orthodontics, we provide care based on three basic beliefs:

  • Each Person is Unique

We always keep your unique goals in mind and strive to give you the best result possible. We provide education on what treatment will give you the best result and meet your expectations, but always encourage you to make your own decision on what treatment is best for you. We want to know how your experience is, what your goals are, and if you don’t already love your smile, what is it that we can do to exceed your expectations.

  • Each Treatment is Unique

Quality and reliability are hallmarks of Elias Orthodontics. Dr. Kathy’s experience with a variety of orthodontic treatments has led her to invest in products that are made right here in the US:

  • American Orthodontics, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
  • Reliance Orthodontic Products, Itasca, Illinois
  • 3M, Monrovia, California
  • Each Experience is Unique

Dr. Kathy and our team offer a personal touch in each and every interaction with patients. We want to know what is happening in your life and take the time, with each visit, to talk not only about your orthodontic progress, but about all the things in your life that makes you smile.

Our Mission

Because orthodontics is a lifelong investment in being your best self, we want your experience at Elias Orthodontics to be nothing less than extraordinary. During your orthodontic treatment, we work hard to make you feel:

  • Comfortable with Your Health

With an emphasis on overall health and wellness, we work with your general dentist to ensure you keep your smile healthy during your orthodontic journey. We never straighten teeth at the expense of health, but rather move them in a manner to set you up for long-term success.

  • Comfortable with Your Doctor

Dr. Kathy’s training gives her a unique understanding of the materials, mechanics, and bone biology that orthodontic tooth movement entails. More important, her genuine desire is to make people happy, and that desire is fulfilled every time a patient loves their smile.

  • Comfortable with Your Outcome

We know that with knowledge, a patient becomes more engaged with the orthodontic process and more enthusiastic about the changes that are happening in his or her mouth. We enthusiastically answer questions so everyone is on the same page as far as plan, status, and expected outcome.

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Kathy Elias DMD, PhD

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